Sad news about the release of ‘Pushp-2’!

about the release

Entertainment Desk: ‘about the release Pushpa: The Rule’ starring South Indian superstar Allu Arjun is one of the most talked about movies of this year.

It is the sequel to his 2021 blockbuster, ‘Pushpa: The Rise’. Allu Arjun’s heroine Rashmika Mandana in this movie directed by Sukumar.

about the release
about the release

A few days ago, the maker announced the release of the first teaser and first single ‘Pushpa Pushpa’ of the movie. But later withdrew from that decision. But why?

According to Indian media, the film’s editor, Anthony Rubin, has left the job. Because of this,

it was not possible to release the song and teaser of the movie. For the same reason, there are strong rumors that the release of this movie may be delayed.

However, the producer denied this rumour. He said that instead of Antony, Navin Nuli has taken the responsibility of editing. The movie will be released on the fixed date i.e. 15 August this year.

A film source told the Indian media, “Pushp 2 will be released on time i.e. on August 15.”

Allu Arjun will finish shooting his part of the movie this month and the rest of the movie will be completed by June. So there is no possibility of the movie getting delayed.

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Notably, in this movie Allu Arjun played the role of a sandalwood smuggler and Rashmika played the role of his lover Srivalli (a milk seller).


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