To act in blue movies, you need to have special skills, said Sunny

act in blue movies

Entertainment Desk: act in blue movies Once upon a time, Sunny Leone was the queen of the blue world. But now he is out of the forbidden world.

act in blue movies
act in blue movies

Working in Bollywood. Initially he was not accepted naturally by the people of B-town but now he has made a rightful place. Acting, as well as swaying the waist in the item song. The release of his item song means explosion in the online world!

Stepping into Bollywood, Sunny never opened her mouth about the blue world. Any topic related to this would be avoided.

But this time the actress talked about the blue movie. Neel exposed the casting conditions of the film through humor in a standup comedy show.

Many people think that it is necessary to have fair complexion and height to act in blue films.

But this idea is completely wrong. Not only that, Sunny said by punching Bollywood, there is no need to be skinny or fat to work in a blue film. Special skills are required.

Sunny has said goodbye to the world of blue films after many years. Her husband Daniel Weber is also a former Blue Star himself. But most of the time he was seen working with Sunny. Daniel is also a guitarist. He is also Sunny’s manager.

Miracle famous actor Jamil Hossain lost his mother

Miracle famous actor Jamil Hossain lost his mother

Sunny-Daniel got married in 2011. They have three children. The couple adopted a baby girl in 2017. Apart from this, the couple had twins in 2018 through surrogacy. Currently, Sunny is living happily in Mumbai with her husband and children.





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