Akshay voted for the first time after regaining citizenship

Akshay voted

Entertainment Desk: Akshay voted Bollywood’s popular actor Akshay Kumar exercised his right to vote for the first time after regaining Indian citizenship. He cast his vote for the Lok Sabha elections in Mumbai on Monday (May 20) morning.

Akshay voted
Akshay voted

Akshay Kumar went to the center and exercised his right to vote. Expressing the feeling of voting for the first time, the actor said, “It feels great to vote.”

I want my country India to be more developed and strong. And keeping that in mind, I cast my vote.

Akshay Kumar was an Indian citizen by birth but got Canadian citizenship. There is no provision in the Indian constitution to hold citizenship of two countries together.

As a result, Akshay was in the face of controversy over the matter. Akshay Kumar renounced Canadian citizenship and regained Indian citizenship in 2023.

Voting for India’s 18th Lok Sabha elections began on April 19. There will be a total of seven phases of voting in the country. The fifth phase of voting is going on today. Voting will be held on May 25 (sixth phase) and June 1 (seventh phase).

India is the largest democracy in the world. This Lok Sabha election will be held in seven phases. Counting of votes will be done on June 4.

Bubbly storm storms social media (with video)

Bubbly storm storms social media (with video)

That is, the duration of this Lok Sabha election cycle is more than six weeks. Total Lok Sabha seats are 543. The total number of voters is 96 crore 86 lakh.


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