‘I can’t’, Alia suddenly said to Ranveer when she was in trouble with her child

Alia suddenly

Entertainment desk: Alia suddenly Alia Bhatt. From the beginning of his career, he has been criticized several times, but he has proved himself within a few days.

Has repeatedly become the best of the best through his acting skills. Still, it’s as if Alia’s heart has been filled with regret.

Alia suddenly
Alia suddenly

He was recently seen appearing on the Koffee with Karan show. There he opened up about Raha and revealed several facts.

According to him, whatever decision he takes in his personal life, many people question it. He doesn’t like it at all.

He has always wanted to distance himself from this issue. But when she got pregnant,

she was surprised out of nowhere as everyone questioned her decision to have a child. But there is no doubt that he is handling everything single-handedly.

But one time he had quite a problem. He called Ranbir Kapoor and told that he could not do it anymore. Ranveer then left all his work behind to stand by Alia’s side. Raha was only 3 months old at that time.

He went to Kashmir to shoot the songs of Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahini. At that time, feeding the daughter, taking care of her, there were several problems in her own body, all were going on at the same rhythm. He couldn’t anymore.

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One night he called Ranveer and said, I can’t do it anymore. Then Ranveer reached there.

He looked after Raha for a day and a half. Alia felt very guilty for that day and a half. Then they returned home together.


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