Anant Jalil is going to Haj, along with a team of 250 people

Anant Jalil

Entertainment Desk: Anant Jalil Anant Jalil has several big budget movies in hand. Although some parts of the movie

Anant Jalil
Anant Jalil

‘Operation Jackpot’ have been shot, the rest of the shooting is supposed to be done in Europe after Eid. After that, he will start working on the movie ‘Cheetah’.

Meanwhile, the news is that the famous star of the movie is going to perform Hajj in Dhaka. Anant Jalil himself confirmed this to the media.

If everything goes well, the star will leave for Mecca with a team of 250 people within the next week. Anant Jalil said,

‘We are a big team going to Hajj. A team of 250 people. Going on Hajj a lot. I do not know whose prayers will be accepted! So it is better to go with the Hajid.

Anant Jalil performed Umrah with his family at the end of last year. At that time, Barsha wrote in a Facebook post,

‘Alhamdulillah, finally I was able to come. I looked around Medina. I was impressed by everything, subhanallah. Everyone will pray for my children.

Tells about Tejaswi’s preferred position on the bed

Tells about Tejaswi’s preferred position on the bed

Meanwhile, both Anant and Varsha are currently busy with business work. On March 30, Anant inaugurated a showroom called ‘AJ Bhai’ in New Market of the capital. And Barsha also announced new business this month.


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