Archana got pregnant by her 7-year-old son

Archana got

Entertainment Desk: Archana got He started his career by acting in a role of only 10 seconds. After that, due to his acting talent, he became one of the top actors in Bollywood.

She is Archana Puran Singh. From Don’s girlfriend in movies, villain, item number artist to television mega ‘laughter queen’. He has left the impression of his skills in all roles.

Archana He was born on September 26, 1962 in Dehradun. His father was a lawyer. While studying at Lady Sriram College in Delhi, she decided to do modeling.

While doing modeling, she got a chance to appear in a movie. The movie Nikah was released in 1982. She was seen in the role of a salesgirl for ten seconds in a song scene in the film.

Archana got pregnant

Archana got
Archana got

Archana had a conversation with Jalal Aga while working in advertising. Later he met Pankaj Parashar through Jalal Agar. Naseeruddin Shah was the hero in Archana’s first film ‘Jalwa’.

But even after this film, Archana did not get the expected opportunity in the industry. Basically, he was seen in B or C-grade movies. To save his career, he decided that if he acted in a bold role, he would do it in a big banner.

Archana suffered a major setback in her life before her career began. His married life broke. The relationship became so bitter that she lost faith in men.

Later, when Parameet Sethi came into her life, Archana took a long time to say yes to his proposal. Although Archana agreed to the love proposal, she did not want to get married.

He and Parmeet used to live in. At that time there was a lot of talk about their relationship. Apart from that, the age gap between him and Parmeet was seven years.

That was also one of the attractions of Bollywood gossip. Parmeet’s parents did not agree with their son’s relationship with Archana who was divorced and seven years older. But in spite of that, Parameet did not let go of his lover’s hand.

While living in, Archana became known in the industry. Parameet on the other hand is trying hard. Parameter got a big job opportunity in television in 1992. On that day he proposed marriage to Archana.

Archana immediately agreed. Both decided to get married that night. The priest was called and married in the presence of two friends on their multi-story roof.

Even after working in Bollywood, Archana was being stereotyped as a bold-scene actress. He wanted to leave this impression. But the opportunity to act in other roles was not coming to him.

In 1994, he acted opposite Shekhar Suman in the film ‘Raat Ki Gunah’. Archana’s character was called ‘Inspector Reshma’. Archana later regretted acting in this B-grade film after spending a few years.

He decided to work on the small screen this time. In 1996, she played the role of Karisma Kapoor’s stepmother in the film ‘Raja Hindustani’. In this film, she attracted attention as a villain.

Archana acted in this film while pregnant. But even for once it was not understood in the film. Despite acting for many years, he did not get a place in the first row of Bollywood.

He got that opportunity in 1998. He acted in Karan Johar’s ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’. In this film, she played the role of a charming teacher, ‘Miss Braganza’. Since then, he excelled in comic roles.

‘Mohabbate’, ‘O Lucky! Archana’s acting in new roles in films like ‘Lucky Way!’, ‘Mere Bap Pehle Aap’, and ‘Masti’ is loved by the audience. Due to these films, he became a part of various stand-up comedy shows on the small screen.

Archana, who acted in daring scenes in the past, gradually established herself as a comedic actress as well. Now he is seen as a judge in Kapil Sharma’s popular show ‘Comedy with Kapil’.

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He believes that he got much more popularity and recognition on the small screen than in the cinema. He thinks that if he only acted in movies, he would have disappeared from the industry today.


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