At the age of 64, Nina is the victim of sarcasm for wearing shorts

At the age of 64

Entertainment Desk: At the age of 64 Let the hair of the head loose. Neck filled with junk jewelry, sunglasses in the eyes.

White oversize full sleeve shirt, red sling bag hanging on shoulder. wearing shorts Yellow sneakers on feet. 64-year-old Neena Gupta can be seen in such a look in several videos and stills spread in the net world.

‘Panchayat 3’ has been released on Amazon Prime Video. Neena Gupta joined the special exhibition of this series.

The actress posed for the camera of the paparazzi in such a look. Many people are praising Nina, but a large part of the netizens are commenting sarcastically.

At the age of 64
At the age of 64

One of the netizens wrote, ‘Smiling to see the old lady.’ Divya Sharma wrote, ‘Madam, you need to have some shame.’

Anand Singh wrote, ‘Oh Grandma Amma.’ Another wrote, ‘It’s not bravery, it’s stupidity.’ Would you like your grandma to go out in such a dress?’, while many say – ‘Neena Gupta proves that age is just a number.’

This is not the first time Neena Gupta has been in controversy for wearing shorts. Earlier, Neena Gupta appeared at India’s famous director Gulzar’s house wearing shorts to present his book. Neena Gupta was under fire for wearing a short dress in front of Gulzar.

This time, Neena did not make any comment even though she was subjected to sarcasm for wearing shorts. But before this, Neena Gupta said in an Indian newspaper – ‘First, it is necessary to understand what is the definition of trolling?

Sravanti with whom the fire spread in the swimming pool

Sravanti with whom the fire spread in the swimming pool

I don’t think I’ve been trolled. What does it matter what three or four people said or did not say? More people have praised me than that. The words of those three or four people do not affect me at all.


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