Aziz told the reason for giving two cars and a flat to Mahia Mahi

Aziz told

Entertainment Desk: Aziz told Mahiya Mahi made her film debut as a heroine through the production company Jazz Multimedia.

To put it more simply, he stepped into Dhallywood at the hands of producer Abdul Aziz. After that, this actress was seen in several movies of Jazz.

At that time Mahi and Aziz’s love ‘rumours’ were an open secret in Dhallywood. Calling the matter a ‘rumour’, both of them tried to keep their relationship under wraps. So, he could not stop the discussion.

Aziz told
Aziz told

With the passage of time, Mahi-Aziz walked in the path of both. Mahi was no longer seen working in Jazz movies. It was then heard that the actress did not return to Jazz’s house after breaking up with Aziz.

In a recent interview, Abdul Aziz said, “I bought Mahi two cars and a flat.” I gave it when he was with Jazz.’

Aziz said about the rumors of love with Mahi, “She has a personal life, I also have a family.” Both are embarrassed when the subject of love comes up. This is a long time ago. So it is better if no one asks about this now.

Aziz also said in that interview, “A good man can be a good lover.” I think a girl should never be touched. They cannot be beaten. No matter how wrong he does.

In 2015, Mahi was expelled from Jazz Multimedia in a much-hyped press conference. Then this actress was not seen doing any work with jazz for a long time.

Incidentally, one of the most successful movies in actress Mahi’s career is ‘Agni’ and ‘Agni 2’. Both movies are women-centric. In these, Mahi was seen in an action avatar.

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Both the movies were well received by the audience. Mahi is known as ‘Agnikanya’ to her fans. Both these movies were produced under the banner of Jazz. After that, rumors of Aziz and Mahi’s love are heard all around.





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