Beautiful young woman stormed with great dance in Bhojpuri song, viral video


Entertainment Desk: Beautiful Social media has become one of the most important means of entertainment for most of the people nowadays.

Almost everyone, young and old, spends most of their free time on social media pages.

Netizens look for entertainment in the net world in their busy lives. In this case, no one is disappointed.

Various social media platforms are also always present with multiple entertaining glimpses for the netizens. Recently, another such glimpse has come to light.


One of the most popular social media platforms right now is Instagram. After YouTube, Facebook, Instagram is one of the most popular entertainment media.

Almost everyone big and small make reel videos on this platform for their own entertainment.

But most of the time, a section of the general public spends time watching reel videos on Instagram. But there are many who are always keen to showcase their talent on social media pages. And it is from that source that he came up in the practice among a group. And it is because of that formula that Simran Singh is currently in the midst of a group.

A dancer named Muskan Pandey is seen in this recent viral jhal. In this flash, she was seen grooving to a hit song sung by popular Bhojpuri singer and actor Keshri Lal Yadav. Muskan made this video in his home with great appeal to the tune of ‘Chhatata Telchatha’ song.

Muskaan wore a matching moss colored saree in a slightly different way. Also wore a tie-dye blouse.

She also tied her hair in glossy makeup. For now, this glimpse of Muskaan has left a section of netizens reeling, as a glance at the comment box will make it clear.

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In which month of 2024 Eid al-Adha will be celebrated

And it goes without saying that he is well known among the Bhojpuri audience as a digital creator. It is to be noted that Muskan Pandey has been discussed by some people on the basis of such glimpses.


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