Bengali actress won the best award at Cannes


Entertainment Desk: Bengali The screen of the most prestigious ‘Cannes Film Festival’ of the film world will come down today (May 25).

On May 14, the festival took place in the southern coastal city of Cannes. Indian movie ‘The Shameless’ has already won the best award of the festival. The film was placed in the 77th edition of the Cannes Film Festival in the Competition section at Sarte Riga.

On Friday (May 24) night, the awards for the Sarte Riga category were announced. Where Kolkata actress Ansuya Sengupta won the best actress award for her performance in the movie ‘The Shameless’.

She became the first Indian to win the best actress award at Cannes. ‘The Shameless’ has been in the news ever since receiving the official nomination for the festival.


The movie has been garnering praise ever since its premiere at Cannes. The movie was produced by Konstantin Bozhanov.

Basically ‘The Shameless’ is about a sex worker. Who killed a policeman in a Delhi sex spot and went on the run. Ansuya played the role of a sex worker in the movie.

Her character name is ‘Renuka’. He dedicated this award to the marginalized people of the world.

Actress Rukmini will be seen bald in the movie!

Actress Rukmini will be seen bald in the movie!

Incidentally, Ansuya grew up in Kolkata. He studied English literature at Jadavpur University.


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