What do boys and girls do with all their clothes off? You are a genius if you know the answer

allorpoth Desk: If someone thinks that clearing the interview will be easy after clearing the written test, then this idea is completely wrong.

Because the interviewers ask some strange questions to test the intelligence of the candidate in addition to their subject matter, which many people get nervous after hearing. But such questions can be answered only by cold thinking. Now let’s take a look at it…

1) Question: Where is the fishing port of West Bengal established?
Answer: Shankarpur, East Medinipur.

Boys and Girls
Boys and Girls

2) Question: Dhuno is obtained from the extract of which plant?
Answer: Sal tree.

3) Question: What is India’s place in coal production in the world?
Answer: Second. India ranks after China.

4) Question: Which pass is located between Janm and Kashmir?
Answer: Banihal Pass.

5) Question: Which is the highest concrete dam in the world?
Answer: Bhakra-Nangal Dam.

6) Question: Which is the largest salt water lake in India?
Answer: Sambar Lake.

7) Question: What is the main function of multipurpose river planning?
Answer: Flood control.

8) Question: Palghat connects which two states in East-West?
Answer: Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

9) Q: What is the full name of BSNL?
Answer: Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited.

10) Question: What is the name of the oldest and busiest road in India?
Answer: Grand Trunk Road.

11) Question: Which city is called Silicon Valley or heart of information technology in India?
Answer: Bangalore.

12) Question: Where is the rocket launch center located in India?
Answer: Thumba, Kerala.

13) Question: Which is the largest coral island in India?
Answer: Lakshadweep.

14) Question: What is cosmology?
Answer: Science related to space

The beautiful young woman gave a great dance on the roof of the house, viral at the moment

The beautiful young woman gave a great dance on the roof of the house, viral at the moment

Boys and Girls

15) Question: When both boys and girls take off all their clothes and become naked?
Answer: While bathing (questions are asked to confuse).


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