The bride’s relatives have to test whether the groom is capable or not

bride’s relatives

International Desk: bride’s relatives Many countries in the world have strange customs. However, in Uganda, Africa,

the bride is married according to such a strange custom that anyone’s eyes are bound to rise to the forehead if they know! There, the relatives of the bride have to sleep with the bridegroom before marriage.

Usually the bride’s mother-in-law, aunts and uncles perform this duty. The groom’s party can only proceed with marriage talks if they pass the test in bed.

A nation called Banyankole of Uganda follows this marriage custom that shocked the whole world.

bride's relatives
bride’s relatives

When a girl of this race gets married, the responsibility of her close relatives increases a lot. If you don’t check the bridegroom who will hand over your daughter to the private family!

The relatives of the bride are entrusted with the responsibility of checking whether the prospective groom is really suitable for marriage. And for this test they do not hesitate at all to give themselves.

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After they lie in bed with the bridegroom and take the test, only the wedding bells are played when the green signal is given. Otherwise the marriage is broken.


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