Complete schedule of T20 World Cup at a glance

Complete schedule

Sports Desk: Complete schedule For the first time, the T20 World Cup will start from June 2 with 20 teams. 5 teams in 4 groups will play in the ninth edition of the World Cup.

Group ‘A’ has India, Pakistan, Ireland, Canada and USA. Australia, Namibia, Scotland and Oman are present in Group ‘B’

along with current champions England. Hosts West Indies are in Group ‘C’ with New Zealand, Afghanistan,

Uganda and Papua New Guinea. Group D includes Bangladesh, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Netherlands and Nepal. Group stage games will be held till June 18.

The top two teams from each group will qualify for the Super Eight round. Eight teams will be divided into two groups.

Complete schedule
Complete schedule

The Super Eight phase will be held from June 19 to 24. After two semi-finals on June 26 and 27, the final will be held in Bridgetown on June 29.

There will be a total of 55 World Cup matches at six venues in the West Indies and three in the United States. Out of this, 41 matches will be played in the Caribbean Islands and 14 matches will be played in the United States.

Bangladesh will start the T20 World Cup with a match against Sri Lanka on June 7.

Complete schedule T20 World Cup Group:

Group ‘A’: India, Pakistan, Ireland, Canada, USA
Group ‘B’: England, Australia, Namibia, Scotland, Oman
Group ‘C’: West Indies, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Uganda, Papua New Guinea
Group ‘D’: Bangladesh, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Nepal.

T20 World Cup Schedule:

Group Stage:

June 2: USA-Canada, Dallas
June 2: West Indies-Papua New Guinea, Guyana
June 3: Namibia-Oman, Barbados
June 3: Sri Lanka-South Africa, New York

June 4: Afghanistan-Uganda, Guyana
June 4: England-Scotland, Barbados
June 4: Netherlands-Nepal, Dallas

June 5: India-Ireland, New York
June 6: Papua New Guinea-Uganda, Guyana
June 6: Australia-Oman, Barbados
June 6: USA-Pakistan, Dallas

June 7: Namibia-Scotland, Barbados
June 7: Canada-Ireland, New York
June 8: New Zealand-Afghanistan, Guyana
June 8: Bangladesh-Sri Lanka, Dallas

June 8: Netherlands-South Africa, New York
June 8: Australia-England, Barbados
June 9: West Indies-Uganda, Guyana
June 9: India-Pakistan, New York
June 9: Oman-Scotland, Antigua

June 10: Bangladesh-South Africa, New York
June 11: Pakistan-Canada, New York
June 12: Sri Lanka-Nepal, Florida
June 12: Australia-Namibia, Antigua
June 12: US-India, New York

June 13: West Indies-New Zealand, Trinidad
June 13: Bangladesh-Netherlands, St. Vincent
June 14: England-Oman, Antigua
June 14: Afghanistan-Papua New Guinea, Trinidad
June 14: USA-Ireland, Florida
June 15: South Africa-Nepal, St. Vincent

June 15: New Zealand-Uganda, Trinidad
June 15: India-Canada, Florida
June 15: Namibia-England, Antigua

June 16: Australia v Scotland, St Lucia
June 16: Pakistan-Ireland, Florida
June 17: Bangladesh-Nepal, St. Vincent

June 17: Sri Lanka-Netherlands, Saint Lucia
June 17: New Zealand-Papua New Guinea, Trinidad
June 18: West Indies-Afghanistan, St Lucia

Super Eight Episode :

June 19: A2-D1, Antigua
20 June : B1-C2, Saint Lucia
June 20: C1-A1, Barbados

2024 T-20 World Cup can be a big surprise Afghanistan!

2024 T-20 World Cup can be a big surprise Afghanistan!

21 June : B1-D1, Antigua
21 June : B1-D1, St Lucia
22 June : A1-C2, Barbados
22 June : A1-D2, Antigua

June 23: C1-B2, St Vincent
June 23: A2-B1, Barbados
June 24: C1-D1, Antigua

24 June : B1-A1, St Lucia
25 June : C1-D2, St Vincent


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