Couldn’t be a mother like Parimani: Apu Biswas


Entertainment desk: Couldn Apu Biswas and Parimani are the two actresses of Dhakai movies. Both have a good relationship in personal life.

Pari-Apur can be seen together in various programs or events. Those images are also published on social media.


There are many incidents about these two heroines like Apu Biswas giving gifts on Parimani’s son’s birthday, and Pari appearing on Apu’s son’s birthday to give a surprise. Especially since both have found each other’s side in their difficult times.

Apu Biswas rushed to the hospital on the news of Parimani’s maternal grandmother’s death. Again, Parimani’s presence was seen every time in any bad news or good news of Apu. That’s why Apu Biswas’s voice was also heard praising Pari.

Apu recently gave an interview to a newspaper. Where this heroine has to face questions about Parimani. The conductor asked Apu, how is the fairy in his eyes?

In response, this heroine said, ‘I don’t know what the fairy was before. I don’t want to explain. But Apu Biswas also could not become a mother angel. He has gone above and beyond.’

It is clear from Apu’s words that even as a mother she will put Parimani before herself. This actress also gave an explanation. Apu said, ‘I have taken my mother’s help to raise my child.

His grandfather passed away recently. To be honest, anyone who hasn’t seen an elf up close can’t fathom how transparent a human can be mentally. I want to say in one sentence – Salut Ma Pari.

Parimani recently became the mother of her second child. After giving birth to a son, he adopted a daughter. He has already started shooting for his next movie. The heroine will soon be seen in a web series called ‘Rangila Kitab’.

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On the other hand, Apu Biswas is spending more busy time with his business than movies. Besides giving time to son Abram Khan Joy. The actress said that she will start shooting for a new movie very soon.


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