Fancy marriage of 2 students by vote every year in IIT

Fancy marriage

International Desk: Fancy marriage Every year two senior students are married with fanfare in the hostel of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

But it is not the case that this marriage is organized by choosing two homosexuals from among the students. Rather, this marriage has nothing to do with sex.

According to a report in India’s Anandabazar Online, two students were married without considering their partner’s likes and dislikes.

The wishes of the bridegroom or the ‘bride’ are not important in this regard. The marriage is fixed by the decision of the groom and the ‘bride’.

Fancy marriage
Fancy marriage

And here the students of IIT hostel are the husband and wife. They decide by voting which two students will get married.

At the wedding, one groom of the two students came to the wedding dressed as the other ‘patri’. Before that, starting from their engagement, henna, music, yellow color, all the rituals are performed according to the rules.

One may be surprised to hear about the culture of IITs, which is considered to be the breeding ground of talented students in India.

But that doesn’t change the reality. There are total 10 IITs in the country. However, there is no such marriage custom everywhere. This wedding ceremony is held only in Kanpur IIT. Kanpur IIT authorities also promote this special tradition.

According to them, this wedding ceremony is held every year as a farewell reception for final year students. Patra-‘Patri’ is chosen by voting from among the senior students. After that, a ceremony is held on a certain day.

The students of the college who are nominated as ‘Patri’ take responsibility for dressing up from their clothes.

Dressed in ghaghra-choli and veiled on the head, the students sat down to mehde the ‘patri’. The event was held in the students’ hostel. Mehndi is followed by music. His concert was held on a stage built on the basketball court of IIT.

The bridegroom dances on the stage in feminine clothes. Patra also showed counter performance on stage with friends.

The wedding took place the day after this event. The bride and groom came to marry on the stage of the basketball court, wearing a sherwani and a sword. The groom also pulls the veil up to the nose of the bride in a glittering dress.

Nothing is left out of the marriage ceremony. However, the marriage mantra was created by the students of IIT. Not in Sanskrit mantras, IIT marriages are consummated in preme gadagad poetry.

But the climax is yet to come. When the bride and groom are busy making promises to each other in poetry, the ‘villain’ arrives. Who is the ex-boyfriend of the bride (originally a senior student and also elected)!

What happens after that happens. Fight – quarrel – conflict. Not bloody though. In the fake war, the side that wins is ‘patri’.

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The entry of the lover is also done on the stage after removing the chosen one. The last phase of IIT memories of several years ended in Hullode. Where there is no room for depression. There is only the joy of celebration.






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