What happened in the shooting of the blue movie? A director shared that experience


Entertainment desk: happened Many people around the world watch blue pictures to get special excitement in the bodies.

But no one can see what goes on behind the scenes of the shooting of these movies. That story is often not fun or happy. Kushilabs have to go through extreme pain.

People get arousal by watching these movies. But if you know the backstory, you have to get excited.

A director revealed that pain. Explained, what they have to do just to earn money. The director’s name is Ivan Siderman. He is the CEO of ‘Alt Erotic’, a blue-chip production company.

What happened in the shooting of the blue movie?


Evan has been associated with Neelshabi for more than 20 years. He shared his experience with a British news outlet. The experience makes you shudder. Wanting to say ‘this is terrible fun.’

The adult filmmaker admits that he faced many strange experiences while making the film. He even witnessed an incident where the actor defecated in a special situation during the shooting.

A news media wants to know from Evan, what kind of moments he had to face while directing Neelchabi’s movie. After that, he shared his experience. When Evan first got involved with blue-screen movies, there was no money to watch blue screens.

Ivan said that one day a blue-chip star brought his lover to the movie set. Even then he did not try his hand at directing. was working as an ordinary member. The director was telling them how to act. The director also took off his pants while explaining.

After a while, the screaming started. Everyone went and saw that the lover of the Neelchabi star was determined to kill the director! The director was scared enough to see the huge lover.

The lover claimed that the director wanted to get married in the name of acting. So he was doing it himself without sending real actors!

Generally, blue-chip stars are not allowed to take their partners to the shooting sets. But in this case, the director puts himself in danger by giving this permission.

The director convinces the lover that he has not really had intercourse with his lover. He was just acting. But even after a lot of persuasion, the lover could not be calmed down.

Later, however, the blue-chip star had to suffer the consequences of her lover’s use. Immediately after this incident, the blue-chip star lost his job. He was also dropped from the shooting of the movie.

Ivan also said that in 2006 he had to witness another strange incident. At that time he was working with another production company that made blue-screen movies. During one of the events of that organization, he saw a blue star nailing his testicles!

Evan recounted another experience that made him cringe. He said that several movies are shot in the toilets. Those toilets are cleaned before shooting. They are made so clean that a person can sit and eat there.

The director said that he was making such a movie, which was being shot in a toilet. The female Nilshabi star sat on the toilet seat while doing a sex scene. Almost all members were present in the washroom during this shoot.

However, at the very end of the shooting scene, the blue star suddenly licked the toilet seat with his tongue to make the scene more exciting. Seeing this scene, everyone was excited. However, seeing this scene, Ivan’s heart became disgusted.

Evan said he even saw a Bluefilm star defecate during a Bluefilm scene. While making another blueprint, Evan sees a blueprint star vomiting on purpose. He also mentioned that tears came to his eyes at that time.

This director’s comment, he is a bit old-fashioned as a person. So when he saw these scenes, he was amazed.

Sometimes even annoyed. But his job as a director is to create good blueprints. So he quietly went about his work without looking at anyone. So far he has directed 485 blueprint movies.

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Scenes of romance every moment, release is a new web series full of daring scenes

Evan also has a website. His life and works have been featured in various Nilshabi award shows. She participated in Playboy TV’s ‘Kiki’s American Adventure’ reality show Evan also runs a YouTube channel with Neelshabi star fiancee Misha Montana.


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