What happened after she undressed on stage, says the Titanic actress


Entertainment Desk: happened Kate Winslet has been mesmerizing the audience with her acting magic for more than three decades.

Kate’s new movie ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ was released on December 16. The actress has given a lot of interviews in the last one month to promote the movie, appearing on several talk shows.

Talked about various topics including new movies. However, on the ‘Graham Norton’ show, the actress reminisced about an incident that she had not talked about before.

The incident dates back decades, early in Kate Winslet’s acting career. He was only 18 at that time.


The incident happened once while performing on stage. What is the incident, which the actress had to talk about after so long?
Kate Winslet has had to undress on screen several times while acting for the role.

While talking about that, he reminisced about the incident on the stage.

Let’s hear what happened in Kate Winslet’s mouth, ‘I was 18 when I was acting in a play in Manchester.

My character was a doctor’s secretary job seeker. Before the appointment, the doctor wants to examine me, so he asks me to undress.

I do what I say. But then I got to the bathroom. Standing on the stage undressed, unable to go to the bathroom despite being under a lot of stress…that’s an embarrassment.’

Kate Winslet said, it is common for bride and groom to undress on stage. However, before such a scene, a kind of curtain was drawn around, so that the audience could not see.

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Kate Winslet did not forget to tell the event that she ran to the bathroom after the performance.


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