Hijab | Disapproval of the bride’s hijab by the proposer

Disapproval of the bride’s hijab by the proposer
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Disapproval of the bride’s hijab by the proposer



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Question: I am a religious girl from Tunisia. My problem is – the guy who proposed to me doesn’t accept me wearing hijab, even if it’s a modern hijab. My question is – should I have a relationship with him; Or refuse? It should be noted that most Tunisian boys have this mentality.

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Disapproval of the bride’s hijab by the proposer

the answer
All praise is due to Allah. Respected sister, our advice to you is – Allah’s advice to all people before and after. In which advice lies the welfare of the world and the hereafter. Allah Ta’ala says: “Indeed,

I commanded those before you who were given the Book and you – ‘Fear Allah, all of you.'” [Surah Nisa, verse 131]

What good can be found in the world by displeasing God! There is no path to happiness except the path of God’s pleasure! No believer wants to destroy the hereafter and get the world! Allah says: “O you who believe, fear Allah.

Let every person consider what (virtuous deeds) he has sent in advance for the coming days. Fear Allah. Indeed, Allah is Aware of whatever you do. Do not be like those who have forgotten Allah. As a result, Allah gave them self-sacrifice. They are the sinners.” [Surah Hashar, Verses: 18-20]

Just as the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) ordered the son to choose a pious girl, he also ordered the daughter and the girl’s family to choose a pious son. On the authority of Abu Hurairah (RA), he said: The Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, said:

“If you are satisfied with the character and religion of the boy, if he proposes, marry him. If you don’t do that, there will be great sedition and corruption in the world.” [Sunan Tirmidhi (1084) Albani Sahih Silsila (1022) called the hadith Hasan]

A person who prevents his wife from wearing hijab is not among the pious and virtuous; Seeing that he was asked to marry. Rather, the strong opinion is that the person who prevents his wife from wearing the hijab will relax many other poets in the areas of sin,

haram eating, protecting the dignity of Allah’s laws, etc. How can such a man protect his wife and family, or how can he bring up his children in obedience to Allah, while he himself commits sins and enjoins wrongdoing.

Al-Mawsua Al-Fiqhiya (Encyclopedia of Fiqh) (24/62) states that it is the duty of a guardian to marry his daughter to a pious and pious man. Shaykh Saleh Al-Fawzan said in Al-Muntaqah (4, Question No. 198): In marriage,

it is obligatory to choose an honest and pious husband. The bride who will preserve the sanctity of marriage and lead a beautiful married life. No discount is allowed in this case. At present, there is widespread neglect of this sensitive issue.

Now people give their daughters in marriage to boys or their relatives who do not fear Allah and do not care about the Hereafter. There are many complaints from women about such husbands. Women are in dire straits with such husbands.

But if they had looked for a righteous husband before marriage, Allah would have made it easy for them to find such a husband. But in most cases, this happens due to negligence, or due to not caring about the honest person. Bad people are never good. So it is not permissible to neglect the choice of pot.

Because a bad man will treat his wife badly. It can even make the wife apostate. May have negative effects on offspring.

Shaykh Ushaimeen (R.H.) Nurun Alaad Darab Fatwa Compilation (Marriage/Writer Selection/Question No-16) said: It is obligatory on the guardian of the girl to inquire about the religion and character of the proposed son.

If good information is available then marriage will be done. And if adverse information is found then the marriage will be avoided. If Allah sees that this guardian did not give marriage to this son only for reasons of religion and character,

then He will soon provide a son of religion and character for his daughter. finished We think it good for you that you decline this boy’s offer. Allah will provide a better vessel for you. Allah knows best.

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