Hospitalized actress Pooja, no one to see


Hospitalized Pooja Banerjee, an actress from Bengal, was admitted to the hospital due to illness. He has been suffering from viral fever for several days.

Dev’s heroine has been admitted to Mumbai’s Kokilaben Hospital due to her deteriorating condition.

In an interview given to Times Now, Pooja said, ‘I was very tired in the beginning, I thought it would pass. But the situation worsened. The fever was not decreasing, there was severe physical weakness, so finally he had to be admitted to the hospital.

The actress said, “Apart from fever, I have a throat infection, I can’t speak well. I can’t even eat any food, saline is running.


Who is next to Puja in a difficult situation? The actress said, there is no such person. Only husband Kunal is in the hospital. But there is no one else to care for except Kunal. This couple is going through a difficult situation. It will take some more time to recover.

Pooja was once the popular face of Hindi television. Although he is spending more time in Tollywood. Earlier this year,

the actress worked in the web series ‘Cabaret’. A few days ago, she finished working on a film directed by Raja Chander as the heroine of Prosenjit.

The personal life of the actress is not less discussed. After a long love affair, Pooja married TV actor Kunal. Pooja brought forward the news of their marriage by informing about her pregnancy during the Corona period.

You can’t stay with me for two lakh five lakh rupees: sweet paradise

You can’t stay with me for two lakh five lakh rupees: sweet paradise

After becoming a mother, she reduced her work in television. In Pooja’s words, ‘If you work on television, you cannot give time to the child. There is no time even in personal life.


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