Husband having affair with nanny in this web series, watch alone


Husband OTT platforms are in huge demand these days Many people prefer to watch videos on such platforms these days. People prefer to watch movies and series on digital platforms.

Some of these platforms are also increasing audience interest in bold content. Among these platforms are Ullu, Koku, Alt Balaji and many more. Recently, a new web series was released on one such platform, titled Kharam Sukh Chal House 2.

In this series you will see something, which you will not easily find in normal web series. The story of this web series is really amazing. You can now watch this series on Ullu platform.

The popularity of OTT platforms on social media has increased tremendously these days. These days new web series are coming on every OTT platform. You can see some amazing stories in this kind of web series.


All these stories are banned but people have a different pull towards all these stories.

Both men and women have this kind of mindset and this type of web series is gaining popularity in India because of this. Web series of erotic variety have become popular in India now and people enjoy these types of web series.

If you want to watch this kind of web series but you can’t watch this web series in front of everyone at home. You have to watch this web series alone. One such new web series has been launched on an OTT platform in India.

This new web series is named Antique. In this new web series you will see a husband brings in a nanny to look after his sick wife. She is a young nanny. But later it is seen that he has engaged in a romantic relationship with her.

This gentleman owns an antique shop. A lot of things are stolen from the shop and the gentleman records all the videos.

It can be seen that the nanny stole these things. He then blackmailed her and had physical relations with her.

The problem is that I am not married, Hania Amir responds to rumours

The problem is that I am not married, Hania Amir responds to rumours

This web series based on these illicit relationships has become quite popular on social media. You can easily watch this web series by subscribing to Ullu website.


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