If I could, I would take responsibility for all the orphans: Parimani

If I could

Entertainment desk: If I could After Parimani’s divorce with husband Shariful Raj, her only son Rajya is her world. Now a little fairy took place in that world. After the son, his house was lit up by a daughter. whom he adopted.

If I could
If I could

But Parimani would have taken responsibility for all the orphaned children if he could afford it.

This is what this actress said in a media of the country recently. He is currently shooting for the web series ‘Rangila Kitab’ in Khagrachari. Parimani said this while discussing various issues from there.

He said, “Now I have two children. Got a new life. No one can experience this joy except mother. If I could afford it, I would keep all the orphans with me. I would have lived better with them.

Parimani said, I am shooting in extreme heat. It is very hot in the mountains. Still shooting with great love. Because, this is my first work for Hichai.

The actress said, the story of ‘Rangila Kitab’ is different. The new parameter can be found. I have never played such a role before. I stand in front of the camera with a lot of preparation.

It is known that Parimani will go to Rangamati after finishing the shooting of Khagrachari. Shooting will continue there for a few days. Director Anam Biswas is producing ‘Rangila Kitab’.

Regarding the producer, Parimani said, ‘He is working with care. However, he did not say how the work was going on during the shoot.

I am waiting for you to say – the scene is good. However, after completing the whole day’s shooting, he sat down with everyone and told the shooting experience.

Are you getting new film offers from Kolkata? In response to such a question, Parimani said, ‘I am getting the proposal. But if you like the story,

characters, then you can watch it. I just did one movie. Let’s see how the audience takes it. Then we can talk about the new movie there.

Check out this web series full of hot scenes, alone

Check out this web series full of hot scenes, alone

Incidentally, Parimani is working for the video streaming platform ‘Hiichi’ for the first time through the web series ‘Rangila Kitab’.


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