New law in Hollywood: “Superbonus” received final approval!

in Hollywood

in Hollywood On May 26, 2024, after 10 years of deliberation, the Superbonus Decree finally became law.

Yesterday evening, the chamber passed the bill by a vote of 150-109, which was previously approved by the Senate on May 16.

This legislation will create new opportunities for retirees who want to work more towards the end of their careers.

“Superbonus” is a financial incentive for retirees who work for an additional two years after their retirement. Supporters of the scheme believe it will help address labor shortages and retain the knowledge and skills of experienced workers.

in Hollywood
in Hollywood

However, critics of the law have expressed concern that it would only benefit high-income workers and result in fewer opportunities for low-income workers.

Main points of law:

Eligibility: Persons above 60 years of age and having at least 10 years of working experience can apply for this scheme.
Benefits: Retirees receive a “superbonus” of up to 10% of their salary, up to a maximum of $50,000.

Hours of Work: Retirees must work a maximum of 20 hours a week.
The Act will come into effect from January 1, 2025.

This new law could have long-lasting implications for Hollywood and the workforce across the United States. This act is known as “superbonus” and will provide financial benefits in various areas.

In this decree law he mentions that, regarding their so-called “superbonus availability”, the remaining areas of invoice discount option or transfer of availability (after the enactment of the decree law of February 16, 2023) have been abolished.

Effect of Superbonus Act

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Since the passage of this Act, the impact has been observed in various areas. These include tax incentives in the areas of construction and energy efficiency. The act will provide financial incentives for various projects in the construction sector that will work towards increasing energy efficiency.


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