Is Modi coming back to power?

Modi coming back

Salim Khan: coming Modi coming back Only seven more days to see the outcome of India’s long-running election. By next Tuesday, it will be clear whether Narendra Modi is going to become Prime Minister for the third time, or resign.

The 80-day cycle of India’s Lok Sabha elections is as interesting as it is eventful. Initially, it seemed that Modi and his party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) would be ignored. Their opposition was in such disarray that everyone accepted that the alternative to Modi was Modi himself.

No one can defeat him unless he defeats himself. Rather, it was a matter of curiosity where the BJP and Sharikans would stand in the 543-seat Lok Sabha after crossing 400.

But on April 19, the whole thing turned around without the first phase voting. Especially after the publication of the Congress manifesto earlier.

Is Modi coming back to power?
Is Modi coming back to power?

The entire election campaign went to the center of the price of goods, employment, Agnibir project, protection of the constitution and other issues. Instead of speaking his own words, PM Modi got caught up in the propaganda of the opposition. Not coming only went,

but his love and trust for the letter ‘M’ continued to grow. That’s why the words Muslim, Mangalsutra, buffalo, mujra, temple – these words got an excessive place in his speech in a very hateful language.

By that time Rahul-Akhilesh-Tejashwi-Kejriwal-Stalin have become much more united. Many thought that the wind had started to turn around this alliance. Especially the resentment, anger and anger of various sections of the Hindu society, known as BJP’s vote bank, gave vent to it.

Rahul has already said that Modi will no longer be the Prime Minister after June 4. It will be proved in a few days whether it is an empty bully of the election field or they have really managed to do it.

After the fourth phase of voting, the picture changed again. Various processes are started to change this image. Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues to give interviews to his favorite newspapers and TV channels. While Narendra Modi has not faced any press conference in the last 10 years (except at the White House),

he has given more than 70 interviews to Indian newspapers and TV channels. They are also being propagated. All interviews are arranged. There is everything except journalism – complains journalist Rabish Kumar.

India’s vote-marketing guru Prashant Kishor and many others have come forward to prove that there is no such thing as a scenario in India where Modi’s BJP will get 300 fewer seats. Rather, they are very optimistic about the possibility of surpassing 2019 as well.

Prashant is batting evenly for Modi even after being bashed by journalists like Karan, Thapar or Srinivasan Jain. Prashant Kishor’s people’s opinion at home is just preparing the ground for Modi.

But what is the reason behind this hope? Narendra Modi is God incarnate, that’s it? Modi himself said in an interview with a TV channel that he was not born biologically. That is, he was not born in his mother’s womb. Directly God sent him to earth, for some special coming work.

This belief is his for a long time. However, Modi said that this belief has become stronger since the death of his mother. According to him, the work that he does, he does not actually do, someone does it for him. A large section of the Modi-infatuated community,

including actress and BJP leader Kangana Raunat, believes that PM Modi is indeed an avatar. Some think it is an avatar of Rama, some say Vishnu. Odisha’s BJP leader Sambit Patra said that Lord Jagannath of Puri is also a fan of coming Modi.

Let the father, still alive, did not sit down. Sambit’s sweat ran out to deal with such controversy, and I don’t know what would have happened if he didn’t say it!

But how this strong current of Bhaktiras has slowly started infecting Modi as well. That is why the Prime Minister of India loves to think of himself as an avatar.

There was no less laughter about this. But Modi is a man of one word. He said that no amount of laughter could sway him from his faith.

The one who has been sent by God with this special task, why should he not fulfill that responsibility and move with the words of ordinary people? But the goal is scored in another place. Prime Minister Modi did not reveal what the responsibility actually is,

even though God said he was being sent with a special responsibility. His opponents are taking advantage of this. Some say that he was sent to hand over everything in the country to Adani?

Or fuel oil prices to pass the century? Do Muslims make second-class citizens of the country? If the Prime Minister clarified the matter before the polls, the detractors could not have raised these questions.

In his speech from Red Fort after becoming Prime Minister in 2014, Narendra Modi referred to himself as the chief servant of the people. He became the chowkidar of the country in 2019. Indian people ate these two things very well. Then came God’s incarnation in 2024.

Journalist Siddharth Bhatia questioned whether this is really Modi’s faith or another political stunt. In fact, Narendra Modi, who became the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001 or the elected ruler of all India in 2014, never tasted defeat in direct elections.

Success is always in his hands, he has forgotten what it feels like to lose in 23 years. In order not to return to this forgotten experience, why should the Avatar not be God? Because ordinary people have a strange fascination.

Where passion and superstition have blocked all the chambers of reason. He is not ready to accept any negative event. If this is the condition of the adult voters, then the possibility of preventing the disaster of the country will come later

There is no soul.

Addressing a public meeting in Bihar, Modi said he was sure opposition parties would continue to malign the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) after the results are out on June 4.

The reasons for his assurance have already been prepared by the Election Commission of India. Modi’s finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman is also claiming that after the results, the opposition will come out to find fault with the EVMs.

Nirmala her husband famous economist Dr. Parakala could have asked the question to Prabhakar. Sir Parakala knows the answer well. And India’s first woman finance minister seems to have the confidence to believe the people at home.

However, the increase in voter turnout in a matter of days is the biggest surprise in Indian elections so far and the biggest unbelievable event. In the first four phases,

the number of votes increased by 1 crore 7 lakh compared to the polling day count, that is, an average increase of about 18,500 in each seat. Is this vote really read before? Sooner or later, that’s the question? Whose house is it after reading?

Why did the Election Commission not give the account of the votes on the website? What do they want to hide? In 2019, as many as 40 constituencies saw such subtle battles. not caught A professor named Sabyasachi Das did the calculations and pointed out this discrepancy.

Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Maitra approached the Supreme Court regarding this. In five years, another vote has come before it is decided. what else to do So rulers can trust EVMs.

Koel Mallick is bringing a new big surprise

Koel Mallick is bringing a new big surprise

That is why EVMs have become the big hope of Avatar Modi and his party. Otherwise, the situation should not be so confident.


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