Kangana owns a total of millions of gold and cars?


Kangana One of the surprises of this year’s Lok Sabha elections was Kangana Ranawat, the BJP candidate from Himachal’s Mandi Lok Sabha constituency.

He submitted his nomination papers on May 14. It is known that the actress owns a total of how much property? What does he have?


Kangana Ranaut earned a total of Tk 4 crore 12 lakh 95 thousand 770 in the financial year 2022-23. In the financial year 2021-22, he earned 12 crore 3 lakh 92 thousand 120 rupees.

As per the property deed given by her, the queen of Bollywood now has Rs 2 lakhs. There are two Mercedes and one BMW cars.

Currently, the market price of his BMW is 98 lakh 25 thousand 356 taka. The price of his Mercedes Benz is 58 lakh 65 thousand 771 taka.

Another Mercedes price is 3 crore 91 lakh 22 thousand 718 taka. Besides, he also has a scooty, the price of which is 53 thousand 827 taka.

Kangana has gold jewelery worth around five crore rupees. Is it just that? Kangana has silver jewelry worth 50 lakh rupees, diamonds worth 3 crore rupees.

As a result, Kangana Ranawat’s total immovable property value is 28 crore 73 lakh 44 thousand 239 taka 36 paisa.

Kangana Ranaut owns one house in Manali, one in Mumbai and four in Chandigarh.

Not married, becoming a mother again Ekta?

Not married, becoming a mother again Ekta?

May 17, 2024

The prices of his houses are 21 crore 78 lakh 560 taka, 2 crore 50 lakh taka, 55 lakh taka, 75 lakh taka, 58 lakh taka and 58 lakh taka respectively.

But that is not the huge property that he has in his name. Kangana Ranaut is also burdened with huge debts. Kangana’s total debt is 17 crore 38 lakh 86 thousand 681 taka.


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