Know this child in the picture? She is a sweet face and popular actress of two Bengals

Know this child

Entertainment Desk: Know this child Silver screen stars have no dearth of fans. Fans are eager to know where the beloved star lived as a child, which school and college he attended,

Know this child
Know this child

how his first love started, how he fell in love and family life. Thanks to social media it has become easier for fans to know them. Because, the stars can easily inform their fans because they are active on social media.

Recently two pictures have spread on social media. Who is one of the popular actresses of Bengal. And in her personal life, this actress has been quite talked about in wedding ceremonies several times.

According to Indian media, he started his acting career at the age of 10. Although it was not a central character.

However, exactly six years later, in 2003, at the age of 16, he was seen in the central role on the screen.

He got married in the same year. But that family did not survive. Divorced. After that, he also sat on the marriage steps two more times.

But every time divorce has become the rule in his case. As a result, I have to be a victim of trolls on social media again and again. Did you recognize the man in the picture?

Yes, these childhood pictures are of Tollywood actress Srabanti Chatterjee. His first movie was ‘Mayar Bandhan’. In 2003, she made her debut as a heroine through the movie ‘Champion’.

In the same year, director Rajeev Kumar married Biswas. The actress also acted in two of his movies. But this family did not last. They got divorced in 2016.

Then Srabanti married model Krishan Brij. However, that family did not last long. Divorced after a year.

Then married Roshan Singh in 2019. But this time also before the completion of the year complications arise between them.

Their divorce case is still going on in the court. As a result, he was trolled on social media for getting married several times in his personal life. And still sometimes this actress gets love proposals.

Meanwhile, some time ago, Srabanti expressed his displeasure about the trolls regarding the multiple marriages of the stars. He is heard saying, ‘We are a very soft target. Because we are public figures.

In terms of appearance, Arjun Rampal’s daughter is not less than Suhana, there is a viral picture

In terms of appearance, Arjun Rampal’s daughter is not less than Suhana, there is a viral picture

May 15, 2024

Any issue is drawn. What is this? It (polygamy) is only their personal wish. There is nothing to talk about here.

I think that whatever happens to whoever, wherever is best, stays that way. Because life is only one. In my opinion, it is important to be good in life.


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