Looking exactly like Yash, Nusrat brought her son to the public after three years

Looking exactly

Entertainment Desk: Looking exactly Nusrat Jahan is a known face of Tollywood. Many of his movies have received the love of the audience.

This time the talk of the town is centered on Mother’s Day actress. Nusrat became the mother of her Looking exactly first child in 2021.

Looking exactly
Looking exactly

The actress did not show her face even after informing about the child. Finally, after three years, Nusrat revealed the child’s face.

According to Indian newspaper reports, Nusrat fell in love with Yash Dasgupta before breaking up with Nikhil Jain Looking exactly .

A year later she became the mother of a child. The actress did not bring her son Ishaan in front of the camera after his birth. Ishaan’s picture first surfaced on Mother’s Day.

Little Ishaan sitting on his mother’s lap wearing a white T-shirt. Many of the netizens are saying that the father is an exact photocopy of Yash.

Nusrat celebrated Mother’s Day with mother and son by cutting a cake.

Earlier, Nusrat and her son Ishaan were present at actress Koel Mallick’s son’s birthday party on May 5.

Ishaan was caught on camera there. That picture was spread on social media. But this time for the first time a clear picture of him was Looking exactly seen.

Most of the romance scenes are in this web series, don’t forget to watch it in front of anyone

Most of the romance scenes are in this web series, don’t forget to watch it in front of anyone

May 14, 2024

Nusrat was found pregnant in 2021 during the Corona lockdown. At that time, the question arose about the identity of the father.

Because Nusrat still hasn’t separated with her husband Nikhil Jain. Yash stopped the discussion. The actor was with the actress all the time.


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