‘Don’t make rude calls’

make rude

Entertainment desk: make rude Popular small screen actress Faria Shahreen. She gave the good news of becoming a mother herself on World Mother’s Day. He revealed this good news on his social media.

Faria wrote in her Facebook status, ‘Bismillah. Happy Mother’s Day to me’. On hearing such news from Faria, his friends-well-wishers in the entertainment arena are congratulating and wishing him well.

Faria got engaged to Mahfuz Ryan in 2021 after 4 years of love. Then last year, the actress revealed the news of marriage.

However, the actress also said that she fell seriously ill after giving this news. He also revealed it on social media.

make rude
make rude

This time, Faria Shahreen expressed her displeasure on social media. In a Facebook status on Tuesday (May 28), the actress wrote,

‘As I am not doing any work now, I have switched off my phone. Please no one call me. Please don’t call on messengers as rude. No one needs a celebrity like me, I believe.

Faria was the first runner-up in the ‘Lux-Chanel Eye Superstar’ competition in 2007.

He became known in a very short time by modeling in the advertisement of a mobile phone company. After that he achieved success by working on small screen. Faria also acted in films.

In 2007, Faria became the first runner-up in the ‘Lux-Channel Eye Superstar’ competition. A mobile phone company’s ‘promised’ package advertisement boosts its profile.

He also acted in films. Faria acted in two serials. One is ‘Dainik Tolpar’ and the second is ‘Aircom’. Faria became popular by playing the role of Antara in the drama ‘Bachelor Point’ directed by Kajal Arefin.

Ambani’s daughters-in-law are older than their husbands?

Ambani’s daughters-in-law are older than their husbands?

His play ‘Bachelor Point’ is one of the best works of his career. Here Faria has donned the role of ‘Antara’.


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