Manoj Vajpayee’s comments about his wife

Manoj Vajpayee

Entertainment desk: Manoj Vajpayee Manoj Bajpayee is becoming the reason for the irony of his wife! Boli actor bargains in the vegetable market.

That’s why Bakuni also eats from the greengrocer. Not only that, the wife Shabana behaved as if she did not know the actor. The actor said this in a recent interview.

Can’t usually go to the grocery store due to busy shooting. But sometimes the actor goes to the market and buys vegetables.

There he began to bargain naturally. The actor said, “My wife is very embarrassed by this act of mine. Then behave in front of people, as if I were a stranger! Shabana does not like bargaining at all.”

Manoj Vajpayee
Manoj Vajpayee

This nature does not suit the personality of an actor like him, Sabjiwala repeatedly reminded. He often hears, “Hey grandpa you are doing this, it looks very bad”.

Manoj’s wife Shabana was also once in the acting world. He is also affordable. But, he does not like to argue about the price of goods in the market. Keeping in mind the environment,

he went to the market with cloth bags instead of plastic bags. He frequents thrift stores.

In this context, Manoj said, “Shabana will go to this kind of store even if she goes to the United States.”

Kangana’s party with the gangster, what is the truth?

Kangana’s party with the gangster, what is the truth?

Buy something or don’t buy it!” Shabana wants to go to such shops whenever she goes to a new city. And it is Manoj’s responsibility to find that shop for his wife.


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