Married After Dating Up To 60 Years, See Long List Of 8 Stars

Married After

Entertainment desk: Married After Ashish Vidyarthi got married for the second time after 60 years. He is now very active.

But such incidents are not new in Bollywood. Earlier, many stars of Tollywood and Bollywood got married after a long relationship. Some were over 60. There are three Bengalis in this list. Take a look at the list.

Neena Gupta: Neena is one of the most popular actresses in Bollywood. She got involved with West Indies cricket star Viv Richards in her early life. Nina gave birth to a daughter due to that relationship.

The actress raised her daughter alone. Since then Nina was alone. At the age of 54, she married Vivek Mehra, a chartered accountant by profession.

Married After
Married After

Saif Ali Khan: After his breakup with Amrita Singh, Saif waited for some time and then got married for the second time.

The age difference between him and his second wife Kareena Kapoor is 10 years. At that time Saif was 40 years old and Kareena was 30 years old.

Milind Soman: Milind Soman’s wedding in 2018 was heavily criticized on social media. At the age of 52, he married his daughter Ankita, 25 years younger than him. The actor married a French actress in 2006. However, his first marriage broke up within a few years.

Kabir Bedi: Not once, not twice, but four times, Kabir sat on the wedding floor. He married Gauri in 1969. But due to repeated extramarital affairs, they got separated. Then Kabir married Parveen in 2016 at the age of 70.

Suhasini Mule: Popular actress of Hindi television and cinema Suhasini also got married at an older age.

He spent most of his life alone. In 2011, she married her lover, a physicist by profession, but the relationship did not last. Then at the age of 60, he decided to marry again.

Rani Mukherjee: Rani Mukherjee and Aditya Chopra decided to tie the knot after a long relationship. Aditya was actually married.

No one in Aditya’s house was accepting his decision to divorce his first wife and marry Rani. When Rani and Aditya got married, Rani was 36 years old and Aditya was 43 years old.

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Dipankar Dey and Dolan Roy : Dipankar Dey and Dolan Roy, both are popular actors and actresses in the Tollywood industry. Was in a relationship for 22 years. Dipankar was 75 years old and Dolan Roy was 49 years old when they tied the knot in 2020.


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