Muskan Baby took the packed stage by storm with a great dance

Muskan Baby

Entertainment desk: Muskan Baby In the net world, some video always goes viral. However, the demand for certain videos can always be noticed among the netizens. It also includes Harianvi dance videos.

Muskan Baby
Muskan Baby

No matter how the quality of entertainment has improved over time, stage performances still continue in states like Punjab, Haryana. Young women in skimpy clothes can be seen dancing to the tune of popular Harianvi songs.

This type of entertainment came to the light of familiarity on social media mainly through the hands of Swapna Chowdhury.

Although Swapna has left the stage, many people have become popular following the path shown by her. One such person is Muskan Baby.

Muskan Baby is very popular among stage show dancers. It can be said that his fame is increasing day by day.

If Muskan has a stage show, the audience is overflowing. At times even a section of the audience even flew money on the stage to watch Muskan Baby dance.

Recently, a dance video of Muskan Baby has gone viral on social media. The video was shared on YouTube a year ago.

The dance video has reached 76,000 people so far. Everyone gave endless love in the comment box. The video has been shared on a YouTube channel called Harianvi DJ Thukma.

Muskaan Baby was seen rocking the stage in a blue and green salwar kameez. The audience could not keep calm after seeing his dance. One even got on stage and rained money on Muskan.

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After the video went viral again, the number of views is increasing rapidly along with the popularity of Muskan Baby.


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