Mysterious ‘Kalpurush’ will be released today


Entertainment Desk: Mysterious The original series ‘Kalpurush’ is being released on the streaming platform Charki with a story that defies reality and logic.

This series produced by Salzar Rahman will be streaming today (May 23) at 8 pm. Chanchal Chowdhury, FS Naeem, Tanjika Amin, Jayant Chatterjee, Imtiaz Varshan, Priyanti Urbi, Sushma Sarkar, Rezwan Parvez, Jannatul Mawa Lajuk and many others acted.

Actor Chanchal Chowdhury will be seen in the role of Shehzad Chowdhury, a timeless and anonymous mysterious character. He said, ‘Kalpurush’s story and my character are both completely unique.


We rarely have such people here. Along with that, director Salazar and co-actors have tried to give their best. Now wait for the series to reach the audience.

FS Naeem has made a big physical change for acting in this series. He gained about 35 kg weight to portray the character of ‘Miraj’ on screen.

In this regard, Naeem said, ‘Actually, this is done to capture the character. In other words, I gained about 35 kg to get closer to the character of Mirage – the way she walks, talks, sleeps.

And it’s not just a body transformation, it’s a huge psychological journey. Along with that there was a depression of keeping extra body weight for about 8-9 months. Then shoot. This journey is a pursuit for me.

Meanwhile, Tanjika Amin will be seen on screen for the first time in Charki. When asked how he got involved with this series, he said, ‘After hearing the story first, I found it interesting.

After reading the entire script I felt it would be very good. And my character is quite different. Also a great team has worked in Kalpurush. All in all, engaging with this series.’

This is director Salzar Rahman’s debut in OTT. He himself wrote the story and screenplay of the mystery-sci-fi-drama genre series. He said, ‘Though the series is a murder mystery, a completely different scene will be seen.

While solving a murder case, many things happen. The story continues with those events.

The series is filmed by Barkat Hossain Palash. Edited by Syed Mehbub Hossain and Saleh Sobhan Anim.

Color grading was done by Syed Mehbub Hossain, Nausheen Sarwar and Saleh Sobhan Anim. Syed Ahmad Shawqi of ‘Karagar’ fame is the executive producer of this series.

Sound designed by Adeep Singh Manki. Abhishek Bhattacharya in ambient music. Costume design by Idila Farid Turin. Makeup was by Rubama Fairuz. Art direction given by Shihab Noorun Nabi.

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Incidentally, it was recently announced that the film syndicate will produce 10 series for Charki in the next 3 years. Accordingly, the first series of this production company ‘Kalpurush’ is going to be released in Charki.


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