It will not be 1 person, 4 people will be needed: Srilekha Mitra

not be 1 person

Entertainment Desk: not be 1 person Srilekha Mitra is known as a lip-smacking actress in the Tollywood industry.

He is always a bit more active on social media. There he came to practice with various comments. Sometimes he drives himself against the current of social ideology and makes brave videos,

not be 1 person
not be 1 person

sometimes he makes independent comments about various taboos of society.

And many trolled by making various spicy content about this. But that doesn’t matter to the actress. He remains the same, as himself. So maybe he is different from everyone.

However, apart from career or outside life, the actress has many ups and downs in her personal life. Because in real life he did not have the opportunity to enjoy marriage. Separated from husband Shiladitya Sanyal.

And then she enjoys her life as a ‘single mother’ with her only daughter. But what does the actress think about marriage?

This question revolves in the mind of his fans. And now the actress has given her choice in answer to this question.

The actress opened up about this in an interview given to a media recently. Talking about her choice, the actress said, “You have to be rich. And I don’t want a straggler. Must look good.

I mean not the body builder types. Must be intelligently good looking, educated. My ex husband is like this. That benchmark must be topped. I didn’t say you have to be crazy about movies, but yes you have to be someone with whom I can discuss movies.

And don’t be too positive. Don’t always ask who called and why. I am a one man woman. You have to believe that.” He also said, “I want a lot. Never get into one. So I need four people. Anyway, it’s better if you get what I said and better if you don’t get it.”

Shilpa Shetty’s property worth Rs 98 crore seized

Shilpa Shetty’s property worth Rs 98 crore seized

Incidentally, Srilekha Mitra and Shiladitya Sanyal got married 19 years ago. After two years, their only daughter Aisheer was born. But then in 2013 the two got divorced. Since then Srilekha never married. He lives alone with his daughter.





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