Omar Sunny does not want to be a member of the artist association

Omar Sunny

Entertainment Desk: Omar Sunny After a long break of two years Omar Sani, the popular actor of Dhakai cinema, returned to the big screen with the movie ‘Deadbody’.

However, one accident after another in this movie seemed to restrict his path. Now it is known that the popular actor of the nineties is deciding to remove himself from the Film Artists Association.

Omar Sani wrote on his Facebook, “I don’t want to be a member of Shilpi Samiti anymore, I will send a letter to the President in a few days.”

At the end of this post he also paid tribute to all the artists. However, he did not clarify the reason for this sudden decision.

Omar Sunny
Omar Sunny

The film ‘Deadbody’ directed by Md Iqbal was supposed to be released on the Eid of Ramadan. But due to various complications, it was released last Friday (May 3) but the question is how much the movie got the audience?

While searching for the answer to the question, it was found that the movie could not reach the hearts of the audience. So Star has been dropped from Cineplex.

Earlier, the director and producer of the movie, MD Iqbal, said, “If the audience does not see Deadbody and says it is bad, he will not make another movie!”

About the movie, Mejbah Uddin Ahmed, Senior Marketing Manager of Star Cineplex said, We had two shows at Sony Square. But somehow the audience did not accept the film. So I was forced to take down the movie after three days.

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‘Deadbody’ stars Omar Sunny, Ziaul Roshan, Shyamal Mawla and Indian model Anvesha Roy.


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