Outline of steps taken by Saudi government for Hajj pilgrims

Outline of

International Desk: Outline of An outline of the measures taken by the Saudi Arabian government this year to ensure as comfortable a Hajj as possible for the incoming Hajj pilgrims. Arab News published this news about the country’s state media Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

According to the report, the names of pilgrims of different nationalities will be registered after arriving at the Prophet’s Mosque.

The authorities at the Grand Mosque and Masjid al-Nababi will ensure a high level of care for pilgrims going to perform Hajj. This includes 24-hour cold water supply.

Under this management managed by the Zamzam Water Department, 300 tons of holy water will be transported from Makkah, the source of Zamzam, to Masjid al-Nababi every day.

Outline of
Outline of

These waters undergo rigorous testing in laboratories and are distributed to worshipers through thousands of coolers located throughout the mosque.

As part of shade and protection for 228,000 worshippers, more than 250 sun-insulating metal canopies have been installed in the premises of Masjid al-Nababi.

15 meters high and each such canopy weighs 40 tons. These canopies will have beautiful gold and copper designs. These will also include water-drainage systems.

On the other hand, 436 mist-fans have been installed to combat the intense heat. Cold air mixed with fog-like water has created a cool environment for pilgrims.

The floors of the two holy mosques and its courtyards are specially covered with a rare type of white marble imported. which absorbs the sun’s heat and retains moisture to help keep cool. In this the devotees can walk with comfort in bare feet.

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Apart from this, the marble stones are carefully placed facing the Qibla. Also they are carefully maintained and reinstalled during expansion works.


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