Rachna Banerjee’s real name was revealed, keeping her identity a secret

Rachna Banerjee

Entertainment Desk: Rachna Banerjee Everyone knows “Rachna Banerjee” famous actress and director of Tollywood industry.

But many may not know that Rachna is not his real name. But everyone knows this actress as ‘Rachna’. According to sources, he got this name from acting. I will know about his real name in the discussion.

Rachna Banerjee
Rachna Banerjee

He has worked in the Tollywood industry for a long time. Although he made his debut in the acting world from the Odia industry. This actress also gained popularity there.

And now, although she is not associated with acting, she hosts one of the most popular reality shows ‘Didi No’. But his journey to where he is today was not an easy one.

He achieved success through hard work. She won the title of Miss Kolkata at a very young age.

The real name of the actress is known from there. Director and actor Sukhen Das named it ‘Rachna’. But his real name is “Jhumjhum”. His name changed after entering the industry.

He is said to have taken his name from Rabindra Rachnavali. Gradually he got special recognition in the industry.

Not married, becoming a mother again Ekta?

Not married, becoming a mother again Ekta?

He won the hearts of millions of viewers with his excellent performance. He has a lot of fan-flowing. On the other hand, not only his hard work but also his father is said to have quit his job to establish him in the Oriya industry.


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