What Rafsan said about the loan of 2.5 crores of parents

Rafsan said

Entertainment Desk: Rafsan said Content creator Iftekhar Rafsan, famous for ‘Rafsan the younger brother’, recently surprised his parents by gifting a luxury car.

After that, Rafsan’s parents were accused of not repaying a huge amount of money. Rafsan gave an explanation about this on the social media Facebook on Tuesday (May 14) night.

Rafsan said
Rafsan said

Rafsan said, I recently gifted a car to my parents. After that there was a complaint against my parents for non-payment of huge amount of money.

There is some misinformation here. First of all, the car I gifted is nowhere near 2 crores.

And it is true that his parents have a loan in the name of a company. But in exchange for that, we have a land bank mortgage.

He further said that since the matter is pending in court. How can I pay the money until the court tells me? We have the ability to pay, but we cannot pay without a court order.

Rafsan also said, you can never judge by hearing one side of the story. Rafsan wanted to buy his parents a car ever since they sold their car during the Corona crisis.

Incidentally, earlier Rafsan said in his other video that their car was sold while studying in the university about 4 years ago. Since then, he had a strong urge to surprise his parents with a luxury car with his own money.

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