Live-in relationships help lower divorce rates: Somi Ali


relationships Somi Ali was a popular actress in the Hindi film industry in the nineties. She was also in a relationship with Bollywood actor Salman Khan.

Although currently she is working on women’s freedom. This actress is standing next to the oppressed women of the society.


Recently, Somi talked about live-in relationship in the Indian media. Another popular Bollywood actress Zeenat Aman suggested live-in before marriage.

However, many could not take his advice well. The actress is under criticism. That’s why Somi stands by Zeenat.

In an interview she said, ‘When I was in Mount Mary’s school, Zeenatji and Mazha’s brother (Zenat’s late husband) were my neighbours. Jackie Shroff and Ayesha Shroff lived nearby. Whenever we went to shoot, we met.

Then, supporting Zeenat Aman’s statement, Somi said, “Many have condemned his statement. Our population has now reached 8 billion. I am not against live-in relationship at all.

I support Jinatji’s statement 100 percent. Because when you’re in a live-in relationship with someone, you can set boundaries. No means no. You can get to know each other. We all have some likes and dislikes.

In the case of live-in, it is possible to understand in advance. It helps reduce the divorce rate.”

Referring to the increasing rate of divorce at present, Somi Ali further said, “At present, the rate of divorce is very high in India, Pakistan and the world. Jinatji is very intelligent.

Studied Journalism in San Francisco. He is intelligent, educated and articulate. To the cynics, we don’t live in the 1950s anymore. In 2024, the world has changed a lot and a man and a woman can legally be in a live-in relationship.’

He further said, ‘We have seen many cases where people get married without knowing each other and then end up getting divorced. This is why the number of divorces in India and Pakistan is increasing.

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One last thing I want to say about Jinatji is what he suggests can help reduce the divorce rate. If you live-in, you will be able to determine if your partner is compatible. Jinatji has done us a lot of good by expressing her views on live-in relationships.’


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