Release is Ullu’s boldest web series yet, watch alone


Release Nowadays multiple digital platforms have gained popularity among everyone for their amazing content.

Only the youth generation would be mistaken. Adult web series like this have a popularity among the older generation as well.

Sometimes these web series are not available on all platforms due to censorship. But there are few platforms where you can watch such web series which are bound to give you goosebumps.

This adult web series is very popular owl app in the world. It launches new web series almost every day.


If you watch one of these web series, you will lose sleep at night. This web series shows stories that you can’t even imagine as a common man.

Intimate scenes and extraterrestrial relationships are shown moment by moment in all these web series.

Recently a few days ago Ullu released a new web series on the app which crossed all the limits of shame. Read this full report for details.

The name of the web series that has created a stir in the internet world recently is ‘Wife on Rent’. This is from Ullur’s ‘Riti Riwaz’ series.

In the story a man sells his daughter in a rental agreement where a man can take a woman for rent. As if he were renting some inanimate object. It has intimate bold scenes moment by moment.

Desi Bhabhi danced like Karisma Kapoor, video went viral

Desi Bhabhi danced like Karisma Kapoor, video went viral

The series stars Payal Gupta, Hansi Parmar, Sangam Rai and Sagar Kudiar in lead roles. This is a web series you must watch alone behind closed doors. If you want to see some glimpses of this web series, check it out here.


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