Release is a web series full of romance scenes, don’t forget to watch it in front of kids


Entertainment desk: Release In the situation of corona virus, people are gradually leaning towards digital media.

So instead of theatres, OTT media has been chosen as the entertainment field and adult web series have become popular along with this online theater. Most of these webseries based on youth are a source of adult entertainment.

One web series is being released daily on platforms like Ullu, Koku, Prime Short etc. And since its release, thousands of people are flocking to it. Recently one of the web series

“Sari Ki Dukan” in “Charm Sukh” category based on romantic drama on Ullu platform has gained particular popularity.


The story of this new web series revolves around a young man who wears a saree himself to customers who come to his saree shop.

But later the story took a new turn. A beautiful woman falls in love with a young man while shopping for a saree in a shop and thus the plot of the story

progresses. Actress Sonia Singh Rajput, who plays the lead role in the web series, has acted in several bold scenes filled with sexuality.

Released on the Ullu platform, this web series will be available in multiple languages ​​including Tamil, Telugu,

China military drills, rifles on robot dogs

China military drills, rifles on robot dogs

Hindi, Bhojpuri. So without further delay go directly to the Ullu app and download the series today and get the full web series in this rager alone.


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