Release is the boldest web series full of romance, close the house door


Entertainment Desk: Release Nowadays Ullu web series is a different craze among people. Ullu has made people happy by offering various web series at various times.

There have been many web series in the past on this web series platform which have become superhits.


In that list there are web series like Kavita Bhabi and there are web series like Akram Sukh. Another web series name has recently been added to this list.

This new web series is called Aam Ross. Recently the first part of this web series has been released on Ullu platform.

On the 10th of this month, a trailer of this web series was released on YouTube channel of Ullu platform where we can see some glimpses of the story of this new web series.

From there it is known that this web series is going to be done on August 15.

The trailer has already made its mark on social media and has become hugely popular. Many are already waiting for the first of the Mango Ross web series.

Let’s take a brief look at the story of this web series and with that let’s know about the actors, actresses and directors of this web series.

Bharti Jha, Rhea Barde, Farhan Ansari, Preity Dey and Arita Pal are playing the lead roles in this new web series. Bharti Jha is one of the boldest actresses on the Ulu platform.

On the other hand Rhea Barde is one of the most popular actresses of the Ullu platform. Preity Dey is still an emerging actress but her acting skills are quite good and

she has good popularity among the public. Accompanying her in this web series is an actress like Arita Pal who is a familiar face of Ullu besides being a veteran actress.

It is hoped that everyone together will multiply the popularity and success of this web series. Talking about the story of this web series, the first part of this web series shows a woman trying to seduce a man.

Abhijit is a very popular Indian singer in Egypt!

Abhijit is a very popular Indian singer in Egypt!

A woman tries to trap the man by telling some interesting story about herself. Being attracted to her trap, the man gets involved in this web of love, seduction.Although there are several comedy sequences in this web series,

the web series will mainly increase people’s interest for this story line. It is expected that this new web series of Ullu will be very popular among all.


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