Richa opened her mouth on Nora’s comments about feminism

Richa opened

Entertainment Desk: Richa opened The responsibility of nurturing is only for women. This is their innate nature. Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi made such comments in a recent interview opposing feminism.

Richa opened
Richa opened

Now actress Richa Chadha opened up about it. The actress said that she does not agree with this comment of Nora.

Richa does not support telling women what they should or shouldn’t do. The actress said, ‘Feminism has an interesting point.

Some people will hate feminism. Also they will take every advantage of feminism. Because of feminism, they are able to work, wear whatever clothes they want, and live independently.

It is for the feminists that today they are going out of the house and going to the workplace.

Richa also says, ‘I really don’t agree, what women should or shouldn’t do – they can be told like this! I’m surprised that anyone actually said these.’

Be civilized, do not take pictures like this!

Be civilized, do not take pictures like this!

May 14, 2024

Nora said about feminism, ‘I don’t believe in feminism. Feminism has completely ruined society. Many men have also been brainwashed by it.

If a man can act as a protector, why shouldn’t women take on the role of nurturer!’ Nora was criticized after this comment.


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