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Entertainment Desk: Salman Bollywood bhaijaan Salman Khan has been in a lot of turmoil for quite some time now.

Enemies fired in front of his house. Although the family members talked about it, he did not say anything to the media until now. He has been threatened with death several times before.


Meanwhile, the festival of democracy, ie the Lok Sabha elections, is going on across India. Common people as well as showbiz stars – are all voting on the given day.

They are also sharing those pictures on social media. Not only that, he is also campaigning for the election as himself.

Bollywood Bhaijaan will vote tomorrow (May 20). And with that, Salman Khan gave a novel message on social media.

In this regard, Salman Khan wrote in his X post, “I exercise 365 days a year, no matter what happens.

And this time, I will exercise my rights. suffrage Whatever happens. Be busy with whatever you want.

But cast your vote. Don’t embarrass Bharatmata. Bharatmata ki jai’. Netizens praised Salman Khan for this novel message on social media.

At various times, be it through his movies or through speeches, Salman Khan has time and again spoken about his love for the country. His movies also carry that message.

Last month, there was a shooting in front of Salman Khan’s Galaxy apartment. A wall of Salman’s balcony was also shot. His parents live in the same house.

The Bishnoi gang claimed responsibility after the attack. In the meantime, the police have started an investigation into the incident.

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On the other hand, in terms of work, Salman Khan has announced the casting of his new movie. Bhaijaan is teaming up with Rashmika Mandana for the first time.


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