Salman wants to marry Sharmin!

Salman wants

Entertainment Desk: Salman wants When will Salman Khan get married? Bhaijaan fans are dying to get the answer to this question.

But look at Salman, despite having one woman after another in his life, Salman is still an eligible bachelor.

Salman wants
Salman wants

However, according to the new news, Salman proposed marriage to actress Sharmin Sehgal (Sharmin Segal) and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s niece! No, not a rumour. Sharmin said this in an interview recently.

Sharmin acted in Bhansali’s first series ‘Hiramandi’ released on Netflix. While Bhansali’s series has received mixed reviews, Sharmin’s performance has also received a lot of criticism.

During the promotion of this series, Sharmin said in an interview, “I was very young during the filming of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. One day I went to the shooting floor with my uncle.

Salman called me there and said, will marry me! But I said without understanding that much. No I can’t marry you!” Although last year in November last year, Sharmin married her long-time lover businessman Aman Mehta.

There is no end to the practice of ‘Heeramandi’. Controversy has also arisen over the series’ casting, setting.

When Pakistan is fuming with anger saying ‘Lahore called Lucknow, there is no research!’, then the ‘perfectionist’ producer-director of Bolipara has to face the practice of making series in his own country.

Some claim that Bhansali has made mistakes in historical data. So someone has raised allegations of nepotism for casting. A section of viewers even objected to the Urdu used in the dialogues of the series.

The young woman danced up a storm to the song ‘Favikal Se’, watch the viral video

The young woman danced up a storm to the song ‘Favikal Se’, watch the viral video

But despite so many controversies, the chariot of ‘Hiramandi’ is irresistible in the OTT arena. Within a week of its release, it set a new record all over the world.

‘Hiramandi’ was released on Netflix on May 1. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s 18-year dream. The series has been developed by Til Til himself. The director-producer has left no stone unturned.

Because, Banshali means ‘larger than life’ set, dress. Only jewelery worth crores of rupees has been used in this series. Richa Chadha said that there was a total of more than 300 kg of jewellery.

Which is made of precious pearls, emeralds, diamonds. The set is also eye-catching. That big budget ‘Hiramandi’ is in the headlines since its release.

Bhansali’s debut series received a mixed response from the audience despite getting glowing marks in the cine critics’ marksheet. But on Wednesday, the record of ‘Hiramandi’ responded to the cynics.


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