New web series full of romance to wake up the night, watch alone


Entertainment Desk: series A huge collection of web series is now available on the over-the-top platform Ullu.

The unique elements of these web series really set them apart from other web series. Some web series are still popular years after they were first released.

Undoubtedly, “Madhosh Diary – Goodwife” is one of them. This online series shows the transgression of relationship boundaries. And that is the main USP of this web series.

This story is the reason why this web series has become so popular in India. Let’s see why viewers are still attracted to this two-year-old web series.


Madhosh Diaries web series, the plot mainly revolves around a husband and wife duo. Where the wife is initially simple and loyal to her husband.

But later the wife’s character changed. Later, this wife transgressed her limits many times and indulged in relations with other men.

This story of the web series makes this web series more interesting. But if the husband finds out, this matter goes deeper.

But does the husband have any such cases? Or just change the character of that woman? That’s all you need to know from this web series.

The web series “Madhosh Diary” was released two years ago on Ullu platform. A trailer of one minute and seven seconds has been released on the platform’s official YouTube channel.

Unknown story of Rachna Banerjee’s life

Unknown story of Rachna Banerjee’s life

Already 4 million people have watched this trailer. There are many people who are watching this web series on Ullu subscription. Watch the trailer of the web series.


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