The series that changed Manisha’s life

series that changed

Entertainment Desk: series that changed Manisha Koirala was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. Even after recovering after a long treatment, the body and mind still have the impression of fatigue.

series that changed
series that changed

As difficult as the struggle with the disorder was, the struggle to overcome the depression was more intense. Manisha managed to get through those terrible days. After many years he is being practiced again.

Giving an open minded interview. Melting in the praise of the fans. And all this is possible thanks to Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Hiramandi’ series.

His performance in the role of Mallikajan, the lead character of the series, impressed. Hiramandi is now the most popular Indian series on Netflix.

Manisha said, after being diagnosed with cancer and after crossing the age of 50, she never dreamed that life would turn like this. He wrote on Instagram yesterday, ‘Hiramandi has changed my life.

It was unimaginable that I would get such a great role at the age of 53. I was very nervous at the beginning of Hiramandi. Cancer remains in the body.

Long shooting schedule, heavy costumes, jewelry—can I carry them in this sick body! Hiramandi was a tough test of life.

Manisha said that cancer has taught her more about life than it has hurt her. In an interview given to NDTV, Manisha said, ‘I used to think that I have many friends.

Those with whom I have partied, traveled, had fun, they will be with me in my pain, I thought. But they weren’t. I felt very alone. Only my family members were by my side in that difficult situation.

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I understood then, even if everyone leaves, the family will be by my side. So family is the most important to me.

He wrote on Instagram, ‘Those who think, nothing will happen to you. I tell them, never give up. You don’t even know what good news is waiting for you in the future.


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