Shah Rukh’s marriage is a big problem, explosive King Khan in BBC interview

Shah Rukh’s marriage

Shah Rukh’s marriage Entertainment desk: Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan. Whose relationship didn’t start well at all. They have to face a thousand and one obstacles. They wanted to do the marriage completely secretly. Why does this happen? What was the problem?

Although Shahrukh-Gauri knew that the news would spread overnight once they submitted the application form to the registry office. Shah Rukh Khan is no exception. The news really spread.

Shah Rukh's marriage
Shah Rukh’s marriage

Celebrity wedding news is usually not kept under wraps. But in this case the problem was deeper. That is a religious problem. Besides, Shahrukh Khan was not yet established. So no one from Gauri’s house agreed.

Shah Rukh Khan knew that there would be unrest outside the house, people would throw stones, trouble would arise. King spoke about the difficult situation in an interview with the BBC.

Shah Rukh Khan recalled with a smile that day, ‘I didn’t have a house of my own. Out of which such situation would have been created. I knew many would come and protest and throw stones.’ What did he do next?

You will be surprised to know what Shahrukh Khan did then. King himself said, ‘I gave my friend’s address to the registry office, I thought he (the friend) should face it instead of me’.

As it happened, he gave the friend’s address. Then what happens happens. Shahrukh said, “He called me and told me that people are coming and pelting stones in front of his house.”

Be civilized

Be civilized, do not take pictures like this!

However, in the end this marriage could not be stopped and after the marriage, everything was accepted from Gauri Khan’s house. Then everything is a fairy tale, even today they are living happily. In Shahrukh’s words, I am Muslim, ‘My wife is Hindu, my children are Indian.’


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