Shakib-Mimi’s ‘Uradhura’ release, Pritam and Rafi’s surprise in the last scene


Entertainment Desk: Shakib-Mimi Netizens were impressed by the teaser of Shakib Khan’s ‘Toofan’. It does not stop there.

Surprises are coming one after another. The song ‘Uradhura’ came out with an unexpected surprise. The audience was surprised at the last scene.

The first song of Raihan Rafi’s ‘Toofan’ ‘Lage Uradhura’ was released on Tuesday (May 28) at 6 PM. The song was released on the YouTube channel of the production company SVF.

Shakib Khan and actress Mimi Chakraborty rocked the screen in this song of 2 minutes 45 seconds. For the first time this song of Shakib Khan has been sung by Pritam Hasan, a popular musician of today’s young generation.


In the video, Shakib Khan dances with actress Mimi Chakraborty on the bright dance floor. Pritam Hasan appears at the end of the song. As the last surprise, a glimpse of producer Raihan Rafi can be seen.

The tune of the song ‘Lage Uradhura’ is known to all. It is modeled after Baul Razzak Dewan’s composition ‘Amar Ghom Bhagaiya Gelo Re Morar Kokile’.

Folk empress Mumtaz sang the song. Razzak Dewan’s name has also been added to the credit line in the song description for clarity.

The lyrics of the song used in Tufan were written by Russell Mahmud and Sharif Uddin. Music composed by Pritam. And singer Antara Roy gave voice with him.

The shooting of Tufan has already been completed. This time it is supposed to be released on Eid. If everything goes well, the film will be released on the big screen on the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha.

My wonderful husband, love you : Purnima

My wonderful husband, love you : Purnima

Popular actress Mimi Chakraborty of Upper Bengal and Masuma Rahman Nabila of Upper Bengal are Shakib Khan’s heroines. There are also Chanchal Chowdhury, Misha Saudagar and others.






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