Shakib’s girlfriend married?


Shakib For the first time, Idhika Pal, an actress from Upper Bengal, paired up with the top hero of Dhakai film Shakib Khan.

After the release of the movie named ‘Priyatma’, Idhika became known as ‘Priyatma’ to the fans.


Recently, this star surprised the fans by appearing as a bride. The picture of Idhikar’s wedding dress has been published on social media.

After that, the netizens raised the question, what is Idhika Pal married?

A photo of Idhika in a bridal look was shared on Sunday (May 18) by a paparazzi Instagram account called Tolly Online. Where the heroine can be heard asking journalists, why so much decoration?

In response, Idhika said, ‘My marriage.’ Then when asked to know the groom’s name, the heroine said, ‘Shiva’. Shiva means Lord. Idhika mockingly replied by mentioning the name of the god.

In the video, Idhikar is seen wearing a heavy maroon lehenga. The actress had a royal look in deep neck blouse and heavy neckpiece.

Royal jewelry all over the body. Manggtika hanging on sinthi, bala in hand, Idhika in ring. But the most beautiful was his charming smile.

Idhika’s new look is well liked by fans. Many jokingly said, don’t get married now. like you very much Many people want to see the actress in a new movie with Shakib Khan.

Release is the boldest web series ever, don’t forget to watch it in front of kids

Release is the boldest web series ever, don’t forget to watch it in front of kids

It should be noted that the right to start a career from the small screen. In the future, she will act as the heroine of Dev in the movie ‘Khadan’. Besides, Idhika also worked with Shariful Raj in Hasibur Reza Kallol’s movie ‘Kabi’.


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