You can’t stay with me for two to five lakh taka: sweet paradise

stay with

Entertainment Desk: stay with Rumors of Shakib Khan getting married for the third time have been going on for some time.

Shakib’s family wants to marry a doctor. Since then, Mishti Jannat’s name has been buzzing in the media as the bride-to-be of Shakib’s third marriage.

stay with
stay with

The reason for this rumor is that Dhakai is the only actress in the movie besides doctor Mishti Jannat.

Mishti Jannat recently talked about this in the media. While he did not directly ‘deny’ the news of marriage with Shakib, he wanted to keep it as a rumour.

Since then, various discussions and criticisms have started. Besides, many people have raised many questions about the character of Sweet Paradise. The actress is rumored to be in love with multiple people. The actress has given an open answer to these rumours.

Mishti Jannat said, if you want to do ‘give and take’ with me, you have to come to an equal level. Not at par. You can’t stay with me for 250,000 taka. Everyone makes such proposals.

Not only what is offered in the media, but the medical sir also offered. I didn’t agree. As punishment for this, the 5-year course took 8 years. My teacher showed me porn videos. But I didn’t agree.

This actress thinks that such proposals are not given only in the media. At present, even if you go to a job of 5-10 taka, it offers. Must please sir. But only the media is to blame. The reason for this is that everyone is watching the media.

Jacqueline receives regular love letters from prison

Jacqueline receives regular love letters from prison

In response to the question why he did not get married for so long, Mishti Jannat said that it should be equal. I didn’t get married because I didn’t find anyone at the same level. I will get married if I get it.


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