I still do not understand what is the use of Shilpi Samiti artists: Monsoon

still do

Entertainment Desk: still do Bangladesh Film Artists Association is at the center of discussion and criticism around the elections.

After the last election, artists had to run to the court for the post of general secretary. This time on April 19, the Misha-Dipzol panel won the polls the day after the polling in BFDC.

The rival candidate actress Nipun also congratulated them. But after a few days, the actress filed a writ in the court about that election.

Everyone is discussing and criticizing the election of artists association, at that time actress Barsha, wife of actor and producer of Dhakai film Anant Jalil, spoke about the matter.

still do
still do

On Friday (May 24) at 11:30 am, the actress wrote in a post on the verified page on the social media Facebook, “I did not understand till today what is the use of artists association for artists. I did not say what I know.

Now the public does not need to go to the cinema hall to watch the movie. People have so much patience!

Incidentally, the movie ‘Netri The Leader’ starring Varsha is now awaiting release. Actor Anant Jalil acted with him in it.

After almost a century and a half, Preity Zinta turned a deaf ear

After almost a century and a half, Preity Zinta turned a deaf ear

Bollywood actors Dulhan Singh, Arun Arua and Pradeep Rawat will also be seen. There are also actors from Turkey including Ilyas Kanchan, Kazi Hayat from Dhakai film.


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